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Haven't filed in a few years?  Is the IRS or IL sending you letters?  We can get your income tax preparation current in no time. 


Don't be afraid, Tax-tician Inc. can help with all your income tax filing needs!

Tax-tician Inc. was founded in 1971 by my father Sander Stagman.  The  first “office” I remember was a desk at Beverly Bank, where he was for many years until he found his own space and moved onto Western Ave, where we still are now.  Over the years, the address has changed, but the top tier level of service has not.  In 2020, we lost my dad to complications from COVID19, and while Tax-tician will never be the same without him, I have promised to deliver the same top tier income tax preparation and income tax filing service my dad did these past 50 years.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Income Tax Preparation

We prepare and file this year's current income tax returns and all previous years returns.  Haven't filed in a while?  Did you miss one or two years in the last 10 years?  Income tax preparation includes Federal and State returns.  

Electronic Filing

We electronically file your state and federal returns which increases the speed of your refund via direct deposit.


We can evaluate your individual tax situation and advise you on the most effective methods going forward to maximize your tax savings.

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